High-end QUALITY inflatable SUP boards

For professional & recreational use

force10.6x32x6 800x665 px

FORCE 10.6
allround / beginner


zenn11.0x34x6 800x565px

ZENN 11.0
Yoga / allround

voyager11.6x32x6 800x565px

recreational / distance

40+ years experience
you can trust

We are dedicated to offer the best products. For almost 40 years we create, innovate and produce high-end paddles, kayaks and canoes for competition an leisure use. This experiance we use to select and offer the best quality inflatable sup boards for you!  
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Kalahua Sup by supr 
Supr paddles is a world leading company in paddle development and production since 1979.  Our experiance in product & development  ernsures that you can expect high quality and good shapes from us.  We established a cooperaion with the no.1 manufactor to produce our boards.  We made no compromise to achieve the highest posible quality.  Our boards are made by MSL fusion technology  to ensure maximum performance and a long life-time for many years of intensive & pleasureful use.

Choose the board 

Choose the right board for your needs. We have boards for beginners, clubs, schools and advanced paddlers.  Contant us if you need help to make the right choice of board for your personal needs.  If you like to know more about the material we use and the quality we offer you can find info on our F.A.Q. page.

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Our staff is dedicated & experienced in their work. We feel fortunate to be a leading and innovating brand for that many years. We’re committed to continue what we do for so long.  Our mission is to make a positive difference by creating a successful environment to share the love of our sport.

Top quality, best value for money

Find the board of your needs

Aquatico 10.6 

aquatico106x32x6 800x565px

Recreational / beginner

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Force 10.6

force106x32x6 800x665 px

Recreational / beginner / schools / clubs

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Voyager 11.6

voyager116x32x6 800x565px

Touring / distance paddling

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Velocity 12.6

velocity126x28x6 800x565px

Advanced level / fast & speed racing

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Zenn 11.0

zenn110x34x6 800x565px

Yoga / allround stable

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