We are Kalahua sup

Kalahua sup is a brandname from DD-Sports a company established in 1979.  The reason to devide the range of products is to be able to offer better service and more specific information to each different disipines. DD-Sports is the parent company of Double Dutch Paddles, Supr-paddles, Vortex kayaks. What can you expect from us?  Innovative designs & great quality, and listening to imput of all our customers.  We promise to give the best possible customer service.

We feel passionately about making high-quality products for water sports, perfect designs and give great service to our customers. Our goal is to develop the best designs and highest quality paddles and continuously search for better materials and constructions. We do this in cooperation with our team riders from all over the world. We are based in the Netherlands and have our own design, development and production facilities.

Our background is different from most other SUP boards and paddle companies.  Our roots are in kayaking. For over 40 years we’ve been developing and producing high-end racing, as well as recreational paddles. Many Olympic & World champions have reached their ultimate goals with our paddles. This experience we’ve taken to develop our complete range of stand-up-paddles. The aerospace quality materials we use in combination with our own developed production process make our paddles unique. So you can be sure that if you own a Supr paddle, you have the highest quality SUP paddle on the market.

We wish you happy paddling

Product info / material 

Made from high quality pvc. Dropstiched. twin-layer or double-layer material.  Our boards are of the higest quality standard.


How to use / safety

Pump the board up to the recommended PSI ( 15 in for most boards )
Do not go on open water on your own.  If you go out on open water make sure you ware a life jacket for safety.
Do not use the board on rocky rivers.  
Our boards are made for leasure use, under safe sicumstances. Not to use as life saving device or under extreme sicumstances.
Use of our products is always your own responsibilty.  Be smart, be safe !!! 

How to store / mantainance

Do not leave a full pumped board out in hot sun. The air expands and will damage the board. ( Can blow up and explode )
Release /deflate air from the board after use.  less than to 10 PSI. 
If you have used the board/paddle on salt water we adivice you to wash the product with sweet water. This will extend the lifetime of your product!

Clubs, Teams, rental

Sup clubs & teams are able to receive a discount on our retail price for big orders. The discount depends on the the quantity of the order.
All requests should be made to: i