Voyager 11.6

Common price: € 795,00 Our price: € 675,00


  • 11.6 x 32 x 6
  • distance / speed
  • Stable for beginners
  • Double layer / drop stitch
  • Kevlar free-flow-locking
  • Professional quality

Voyager 11.6  provides a smooth and stable glide and high speed.  This 11’6” board with a width of 32" is made for advanced as well as beginners and experianced paddlers who like to go touring.  Because of its stablitly its a perfect board to look around while paddling.  The board is outfitted with front cargo straps to pack a larger bag for longer trips. The KEVLAR free-flow-locking cable makes this board stiffer than most similar boards available. The double strength side edges make the board stronger.

Material:  MSLLogo300pxMSL fusion technology. DH drop stitched PVC. EVA pad. 

Including: HD backpack, pump and service kit.  ( choice of paddles )

Ideal for riders up to 105 kg