Force 10.6

€ 575,00


  • 10.6 x 32 x 6
  • easy paddling
  • Stable for beginners
  • Double layer / drop stitch
  • Side edge protection
  • Professional quality

Force 10.6  is the strongest board in our range. Made for beginners, rental club and school use.   This 10’6” board with a width of  32" is stable and easy to use.  This boards in our range especilly for professionals becasue of its high strength.  The board is outfitted with front cargo straps.  The double strength side edges make the board stronger.  

Material:  MSLLogo300pxMSL fusion technology. HD drop stitched PVC. EVA pad

Including: HD backpack, pump and service kit.  ( choice of paddles )

Ideal for riders up to 105 kg